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5 Ways to Increase Email Engagement and Conversions


Litmus Live 2021 - 5 Ways to Increase Email Engagement and Conversions

How can you stand out in saturated inboxes? Join Dyspatch’s VP of Product, Vero Best, as she covers five approaches to help you build trust, improve time to market, and boost email engagement by up to 500%.

After this session, you'll be able to:

AMP product review

Implement 3 innovative techniques to increase email engagement and conversions.

The Dyspatch email builder

Apply 2 best practices to guarantee email quality and leave a lasting impression on your subscribers.

AMP email components

Position your brand as cutting edge with dynamic and interactive email experiences.

Improve your bottom line results with Dyspatch

Dyspatch is a leading email creation platform helping marketers deliver next gen interactive experiences. Build emails in minutes using pre-coded, responsive modules and boost results with dynamic, interactive content.

Reduce engineering resources by


Boost email conversions by


Increase email engagement by