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How to Engage Customers and Deepen Relationships

What Startups Can Teach Enterprise About Transactional Email


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Only 36% of marketing executives feel they’re effectively leveraging transactional or triggered emails to engage the customer. Yet regardless of company size or the nature of your business, as much as 80% of future revenue will come from 20% of existing customers. 

Our white paper explores the obvious and direct correlation between the failure to optimize transactional email and the failure to fully leverage the growth potential of existing customers.

In this white paper, you'll discover: 

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Re-imagine the traditional sales funnel as a cycle in which Retention, Referral, and Repurchase are just as important as Awareness, Acquisition, and Activation

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Subvert the status quo by viewing email as integral to the entire customer journey, a prime opportunity to foster customer engagement rather than as primarily suited for the three ‘A’s

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Disrupt common wisdom by turning conventional marketing and transactional email strategies on their heads, to focus on customer engagement rather than just conversions

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