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Enterprise organizations are centralizing transactional email content management across multiple teams, in order to:

  • Standardize email creation, approval, and publishing processes
  • Centralize accountability for regulatory compliance and reputation management
  • Establish and maintain brand consistency
  • Facilitate cross-functional collaboration to reduce dependency on developers

Our white paper outlines the challenges that lead to this push toward centralization.

In this white paper, you'll discover: 

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Improve Security
Manage transactional email content independently of your codebase, deployment process, and customer data, to help preserve the integrity of all three

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Increase Productivity
Streamline transactional email workflows to create, revise, and test content, including localizations, without involving developers or deploying code

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Ensure Consistency
Centralize approval processes to establish standardized branding, email regulatory compliance, and reputation management across departments, divisions, and business units

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