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Dyspatch Webinar Series, Part 1 of 3

Intro to Modular Email Design

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The first of three part webinar series, our “What is Modular Email Design?” webinar is for content managers and modern-day marketing teams who want to benefit from using modular design for email creation. 

Watch now to learn how to use the Dyspatch drag and drop Visual Editor to turn code into templates and templates into high-performance tools. Enhance your business while cutting down on development time while staying on brand.


Key Takeaways:

mod email 1

What is Modular Email Design

mod email 2

How to take your code to template and template to high performance

mod email 3

Why do modern marketing teams need Modular Design?

mod email 4

How Dyspatch makes it easy





Veronica Best

Director of Product, Dyspatch


Avelina Acosta

Account Manager, Dyspatch


Aileen O'Brien

Customer Success, Dyspatch

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