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Dyspatch Webinar Series, Part 2 of 3

How to build a better modular email workflow

Streamline your email creation workflow to drive engagement & increase revenue
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The second of three part webinar series, our “How to build a better modular email workflow” webinar will share actionable insights about how using modular design for email creation can streamline your email production workflow, getting better emails to your customers faster.

Learn how to create custom and reusable blocks that will empower your email marketing team to experiment. We’ll show you how to spin up new custom emails in minutes, while cutting down on time spent in development and testing.


Key Takeaways:

dml 1

Get your emails to market faster without compromising on quality

dml 2

Ensure mobile-friendly emails every time with reusable, pre-tested blocks

modular 3

Maximize collaboration and transparency with all the stakeholders in your email creation process




Avelina Acosta



Aileen O'Brien


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